Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit knows all too well what it feels like to have had teeth pulled. We remember what we sounded like when our mouth was packed full of gauze and how silly we sounded when we talked. Don’t you just love how the dentist always tries to talk to you while he’s working inside your mouth? All you can do is mumble a few syllables?

All those events are NOT filled with happy memories, but NOW you can CREATE HILARIOUS MEMORIES playing a game that forces you and your friends to “look” the fool and say things that just were not meant to be said with your mouth “stretched”.  Our Watch Ya Mouth Phrases are “Over the Top”!

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Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit Brand
 Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit Brand Expansion Packs

Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit Was The Very First Company to Offer For Sale AND Deliver BOTH the Game Pieces and the Phrases That Make Lasting Memories For You, Your Friends, and your Family For a Lifetime!


  • Free Updates – Nobody Else Does That
  • 7 Days a Week Support – Nobody Else Does That
  • Smartphone Apps to Play the Game with if you Choose – Nobody Else Does That
  • Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit Delivers Free Lifetime Updates – Nobody Else Does That
  • ONLY Watch Ya Mouth Game offers the Options and the Support that EVERY Customer Wants and Demands!

Instead of selling a “Box of Cards” , WE choose to offer a “Perpetual Product”, one that is not limited by what it is today, but a product that will continue to grow on a regular basis over time…all for One Set Price!

Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit Products Keep Growing Over Time

So far, we have kept that promise many times over. All of our Phrase Packages come with Lifetime Updates for FREE…and so far we have had Twenty Three (23) Free Updates where the phrases were added to, and improved upon based on customer input. You’ll NEVER Get That Kind of Service from any other Big Name Manufacturer!  And NOW we have just published our Watch Ya Mouth Kids Phrases Game App – and You Can’t Buy It!  Instructions on how to Access this FREE Game are included with each Game Kit purchase.

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All Phrases are Custom Created To Be Both Hilarious To Say & Hard To Understand!

Game Play Directions Are Included With All Phrase Packages.

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Also included are many tips for pulling off the most memorable party game you’ve played ever.

As Seen On The Late Late Show

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Also A Blast For Sending Surprise Video Text Messages

Other Crazy Things To Try:

    • Drink a glass of water or milk
    • Blow Bubbles
    • Kissing
    • Pay For Your Fast Food While Wearing Your Cheek Retractor
  • Surprise Your Friends and Co-Workers – (sneak up behind them and start talking to them with the mouth piece in place – Ask them if they got your email…)

Commonly Known As:  Cheek retractor, cheek and lip retractor, mouth opener, dental cheek retractors, mouthguards