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CARDS Are NOT Advertised On This Site

CARDS Are NOT Available from Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit Brand

FREE UPDATES To All Game Phrases ARE What We Do !  The ONLY way we can do that is with a digital product.  Please don’t contact us and ask us where your “cards” are or when they are shipping.  ALL our products clearly define our Game Phrases are digital products.

Please Do NOT Send Your Package back to us without contacting us First!

You can view our policies on returns and refunds by clicking the Menu above

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We are a registered vendor with the State of Ohio in the United States of America.

We are an LLC and fully compliant with all laws in both the State of Ohio and the USA.

Our address is listed below.

75 Harbert Drive Ste. B
Dayton, OH

We currently only offer phone support on special circumstances, yet we are available 7 Days a week 8am – 8pm EST via email as well as through this contact page.  We take your support requests extremely serious.  You WILL Hear From Us ASAP !


You are not alone in asking this question!

If you can imagine it, then it has been tried before.  Please see the image below for the proper way to wear a watch ya mouth cheek retractor


how to insert watch ya mouth game kit cheek retractors

I know it may sound overly simple…but…

Check Your Spam Folder !

Look for  


Make sure to mark it as “Not Spam”


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Please view the image below.  For each set of phrases you purchased, there will be a “Text Link” that is blue in color.  It will say “Click Here to Download – ……….name of phrases”


Simply click on each link and it will automatically download to your device.

Please Note – Many cell phones will NOT automatically open that file.  If you look in the top menu bar of your phone, you may see an arrow facing downward that flashes during the download.  Click on your phones menu bar and you should see the download.  Click on it, and it should tell you where it downloaded to.


Click Here For Instructions on How To Download & How To Check Out as a Guest On PayPal
Click Here For Instructions on How To Download & How To Check Out as a Guest On PayPal

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The ONLY Automated way to download your Free Updates is on the actual watch ya mouth game kit smartphone app itself.


Step 1.  Navigate to the App via the home screen app you created as per the installation instructions.

Step 2.  Navigate inside the App to the Game Version you wish to download (ie; Original Phrases)

Step 3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Download Link.


IF You Still need help…please send us a support request and Include Your Order # – We will be happy to email your updated files to you as soon as we can.


If you are trying to click on your download link from days or weeks, or months ago and it doesn’t work, Don’t Worry!

Your links work great the day or two after you buy them, BUT, when we post a new update…that file changes names and version numbers.

Many others have extra strict security settings on their browsers and all “authentication cookies” get deleted when the browser is closed.

No Worries!

Option #1

Contact Us Below Using Our Contact Us Form

Option #2

Open the Smartphone App and goto the app version that you wish to download – scroll to the bottom of the page…and click on the download link.


Either Way, We will make certain you get a fresh copy within 12 hours of your request.

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Most people today already have a PayPal Account and don’t think twice about using it for payments.  It is the worlds most secure payment processor with a Full customer satisfaction guarantee.

We at Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit chose to use it for that reason AND we also chose to use it to Eliminate having our own database of credit card #s on file.  With all the news of hacking, we chose to go the safest route possible for accepting payments.

So You don’t want a Paypal Account?  NO PROBLEM!

You can check out as a Guest and use your credit card with all the same safeguards as those who login to their accounts.

Step 1.  Check Out Normally on

Step 2.  Click on Proceed to Payment with PayPal

Step 3.  See the image below for where to click while at PayPal to checkout as a guest and NOT create an account.

Click Here For Instructions on How To Download & How To Check Out as a Guest On PayPal
Click Here For Instructions on How To Download & How To Check Out as a Guest On PayPal


IMPORTANT – After you submit your payment information – DO NOT CLICK the “BACK” button on your browser!  Doing so will not let PayPal redirect you to the “Downloads” page.

IF YOU ALREADY clicked on the back button and now can’t figure out how to get your downloads…don’t worry.  Just Contact Us on the Form Below and give us the email address you checked out with…we should be able to find your order under these circumstances.




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Complete Instructions For Getting Started Before Game Play

4 One Time Steps – Lifetime Free Updates


  1. If you’ve purchased a game from Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, or WatchYaMouthGameKit and are ready to register for the app – Visit This Link


Then Click on This Image to Register as a “Previous Customer” (This means you’ve already paid and do not need to review pricing on the “new customers” page)



  1. Fill Out the form and click Submit


Within 12 hours you will receive and email confirmation link after our staff manually verifies your purchase from whichever site you purchased from.


  1. Click on that link in your Email and Login for the First time.


After you login, there is no need to log out…goto this page


  1. Then on your phones browser, click the menu…NOT on the app menu….then click on save to home screen.


You will now have an app icon just like any other app.


When you wish to play, click that icon on your home screen of your phone…and then the version of the game you wish you play…


We have split them into “Rounds” to help people establish “stopping points” and be able to pick up where you left off for the next time you play the game.

As for the timer, the teams, and the scoring…that is all optional and you don’t have to click anything except “Next”.

Additionally, you can find links to the latest downloads for each version on the corresponding app page.

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IF you have already placed an order with us previously…


We have not created a “Required Field” for Order #’s due to some have not yet made an order

If you do not include your order # we will not be able to find your order and give you the support you really need.


7 Days a Week Support – 8am to 8pm EST


I know it may sound overly simple…but…

Check Your Spam Folder !

Look for  


Make sure to mark it as “Not Spam”


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