Dental Cheek Retractor Party Game


Click The Image Below And Start With Getting a Few of These For Your Christmas Cheer



App Game Play:

Open the Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit Web App and goto the “Games” page and choose which version of phrases you’d like to play.  Click on the phrases version of your choice and then you can choose between one of five “rounds”.  Each round has 20 phrases and will be displayed with the 30 second timer just under the phrase.  Using the “Rounds” buttons will help to create good stopping points so you can pick up where you left off on future games.

The player should read the phrase first and then start the timer before they speak the first word.

The next phrase will not be shown until the next player or “speaker” presses the “next” button.

IMPORTANT – There are check boxes for team #s and correct / wrong answers.  These check boxes are OPTIONAL and are not required if you don’t want to use them.  You can keep score anyway you like, or not at all.

If you’re playing the Adult Phrases Version, you can offer each player one or two “free passes” to choose another phrase in case they are too “offended”, but that’s totally up to you!


  • Phrases with Black text are worth 1 point
  • Phrases with Red text are worth 2 points
  • Games should be played either to 7 or 11 points – Or Until You’re Too Sore From Laughing!

UPDATES to the Apps

All updates are automatic and you do not need to do anything to view them.  Future Updates will be located in new additional “rounds” for easy access.


While other versions and brand names of this game suggest “rapid fire” phrase guessing, ours is designed to be more of a challenge as we do not provide 2 – 4 word easy phrases like others do.  Our phrases are not just original, they are unusual – and guaranteed to give you a good belly laugh!


Old Skool Gameplay:

Print out your game phrases on any paper of your choice or now you can print on business card stock as the PDFs are formatted to fit standard Avery business card stock. Card Stock is not required, just an option.

Choose teams of 2 when an even number of people are present. Alternatively for an odd number of people, 1 team of 3 can compete with 1 or more teams of 2.  On the next round team members can be re-arranged so a new team now has 3 members.

Use a cellphone kitchen timer app or an egg timer and set the countdown timer for 30 seconds.  Let the player read the phrase first and then start the timer as they attempt to say it immediately.

Keep a written score sheet if you wish to keep score…or not!

If you need to download a fresh “Updated Version” of the phrases, simply goto that version of phrases and scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on the Download.


  • It’s a good idea to mark your personal cheek retractor as soon as you have taken one for yourself. You can do this with a sharpie marker, piece of tape, yarn or whatever you like.
  • Maybe have a saucer or paper plate for each player to lay their cheek retractors on between turns…
  • Give each player a towel or napkin with their paper plates ahead of time…they might just need it
  • Cheek retractors CAN Be WASHED and Re-Used! Wash them just like you do all your other glassware or dishes with soap and hot water IN THE SINK!
  • They will only hold up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit – the dishwasher if fine…we just don’t recommend letting them go through a “drying cycle”.
  • Store in a Ziploc baggie – and again – Label it ahead of time!

Other Cool Things You Can Do With Your Cheek Retractors:

  • Send video text messages to friends! I keep one in my vehicle at work just for when the right occasion arises.
  • Inspect each other’s teeth and gums! Well duh, it is a dental cheek retractor, right?
  • Make hilarious home videos for Facebook or YouTube.
  • If you have a beard, try sliding your beard “through” the C shaped hoop for a cooler visual effect.
  • Blow Bubbles
  • Kissing
  • Make faces and talk to the car next to you at a stop light
  • Great for improv fun at McDonalds drive thru!
  • Sneak up on a family member, friend or co-worker and ask them a question with your cheek retractor in place


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