How To Register For and Use the Smartphone Apps

Complete Instructions For Getting Started Before Game Play

4 One Time Steps – Lifetime Free Updates


  1. If you’ve purchased a game from Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, or WatchYaMouthGameKit and are ready to register for the app – Visit This Link


Then Click on This Image to Register as a “Previous Customer” (This means you’ve already paid and do not need to review pricing on the “new customers” page)



  1. Fill Out the form and click Submit


Within 12 hours you will receive and email confirmation link after our staff manually verifies your purchase from whichever site you purchased from.


  1. Click on that link in your Email and Login for the First time.


After you login, there is no need to log out…goto this page


  1. Then on your phones browser, click the menu…NOT on the app menu….then click on save to home screen.


You will now have an app icon just like any other app.


When you wish to play, click that icon on your home screen of your phone…and then the version of the game you wish you play…


We have split them into “Rounds” to help people establish “stopping points” and be able to pick up where you left off for the next time you play the game.

As for the timer, the teams, and the scoring…that is all optional and you don’t have to click anything except “Next”.

Additionally, you can find links to the latest downloads for each version on the corresponding app page.

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